Wednesday, March 28, 2012


meditation on a Tibetan singing bowl

when the bowl sings
you must listen
wait until one tone finishes
before bringing forth another
you are not the master
of the singing bowl
it is your teacher



Eve said...

I know not of this bowl, but I do know that your poem sings of it and now I am curious so I am off to look it up:)--Thank you for sharing this with the world:)

Marlene Azoulai said...

Hello, Eve! Yes, a Tibetan singing bowl. It was on New Year's Eve, 2012. We were doing a special prayer for the coming year. A friend had brought a Tibetan singing bowl made out of amethyst. I had no idea what to do with it, so she showed me. The tone that came forth was so amazing! It seemed to cut through everything, in that sacred way of going right to the center-place. I know you know what I mean.
My friend let me take the singing bowl home with me. The other day, I was meditating with it. Well, I didn't expect it to turn out to be SuCH a meditation! I was just wanting to 'play' it. I noticed how rushed I was, trying to get the 'right' sound, make it last a long time...just generally 'get it right'. And then I was stopped in my tracks. I found I just could not 'create' another tone, until the former one had complete finished reverberating (at least what I could hear of it.) And that slowed me right down. I had to 'go inside'. Become a part of the bowl. Listen to it, as I would a teacher. And that is where the poem and photograph came from. Thank you for your visit and your words, my friend. They touch my heart.
Sending peace always, Marlene

jdyf333 said...

Once upon a time, I had access to a large collection of metal singing bowls that my friends had brought back from Tibet. I spent many months meditating and tripping with them. They can bring forth such truly awesome vibrations! Other worlds evoked! (My friend told me that the bowls are made with a secret mix of various metals. He said that since Tibet is at such a high altitude, there are more meteorites [and even pieces of alien spacecraft?] because they do not burn as entirely up as they pass through the atmosphere. He said the people there melt down these otherworldly metals and incorporate them into the singing bowls...)

Marlene Azoulai said...

jdyf333...soo good to hear from you! Thanks so much for that information. The one I have here is borrowed from a friend. I want to order one.The info you gave me is fascinating and helpful.I hope you're doing well, my friend!