Friday, March 30, 2012

I was communicating with my inner guides while working on this drawing. I was wanting to be more in control of my life. To live less in fear. Next thing i knew, i was inside the picture. I was working on it from the inside, as i listened to the chanting of Tibetan monks. They were chanting in overtones, singing all the tones that reside within one.
My working on the picture and the chanting of the monks flowed into one thing. There was the disciplined detail, in lines and colors, of the picture i was drawing, and the monks chanting all of the colors within one note.
The Trickster began to emerge in the drawing. Showing me that there were many ways to flow with what is going on, inside and out. And that fear makes one static and stuck, and keeps one from this flow. But it is not a matter so much of resisting and trying to block the fear, as it is a question of surrendering to it, as part of the flow.
The Trickster said to me, “Don’t try to pin it all down---what is and what isn’t the flow. It’s all part of the flow, even the fear. If you sit in it, it will move on. Every instant has a flow to it. It all comes in different colors and rhythms.”
“This, my child, “ said the Trickster, “is something you must learn to honor within your self and others.”

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