Tuesday, June 5, 2012


she has a smile on her face
that says you’re sick
and I’m not
you’re mentally un-well
and I’m here to fix you
you’re outside the norm
inappropriate not balanced
i will make you steady
you’re not well calibrated
with peaks and lows
i will make you flat
you are unruly wild
i will make you placid
and predictable
look at me, she says
i pass unobserved
i do not stand out
or make inappropriate noises
i will trim your edges
so that you will fit
neatly into the box
i will flatline you
into the sweet oblivion
of a pollyanna
who sees no darkness
only light
I will heal you
and re-construct you
according to



Alabaster Frank said...

Damn! This is so incredibly moving, Marlene... the imagery and words tear at the very core. I felt it... every word, every moment. So powerful and moving.. so passionate and raw. You amaze me... over and over again!

C Mehrl Bennett said...

Very real. thnx!

Anonymous said...

Marlene, you have a great talent and lots of power and strength.

Each of those lines is filled by a feeling of truth. And, which is very rare, I loose my own words to tell how much I, simply, love what I red. The content, the form.

Cat Shilova