Monday, April 30, 2012

seeing green

the green will be everywhere you know
and it’ll speak to you the same everywhere
I can hear new orleans in the leaves
no matter where they are
or maybe they're the green leaves of new orleans
calling out to me here on my mountain
suddenly I breathed the green
inhaled it and drank it down
.green blood flowing in my veins
that is seeing green
the leaves tell the whole story
if you can hear them and have
green shooting out your eyes like stars
the forest is a veritable bible, a sacred
more sacred book
it’s a green corridor filled with whisperings
of all the green voices
she would tell you green if she spoke
every face that ever took place
on this earth is in those trees
every fairytale ever written
about what lives here
really lives here
so I shall stay green here for a while longer
there’s a green man riding a boat in the tree
he’s every green deity there ever was
every superhero who ever saw green
and he’s telling me stories
as he rocks on the water
you’re going to be here a long time
long being what it is in relation to what
the world will end, start again
and die all in this instant
of green truth

c.Marlene Azoulai 2012

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