Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Our collective head is spinning
The Universe isn't leaving us alone anymore
Our hermit-time has come to an end
Realizations are coming in one on top of the other
with barely the time to process
Everything has shifted into hyper-speed
The messages are everywhere
coming in so clearly
Not subtle or convoluted
but in your face true

It's the Light Network
People recognizing each other
Not even being sure why
Just knowing inside that there is
an appointment to be kept
It isn't feeling special
It isn't being tapped into
an elite kind of system
It's a heart-link between people
transcending all that society
has set up to keep us apart
It's a knowing-what-to-do
kind of thing

Those of us who've been moving
solitary through our lives
working through dark and light
tumbling finally into a smoothness
rough edges giving into compassion
We have gathered our tools
honed our skills
embraced our inner beasts
invoked their power
We come here humbled by the greatness
of what it is that has brought us together
We come here to bare our souls
to the task at hand
To heal this place Earth.


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