Monday, September 5, 2011



Women Walk The Night

Women walk the night
Talking with shadows
Buzzing grey in their heads
Their limbs like gnarled trees
Convulsing with the earth’s pulse

Their faces in the moon
Bile in their mouths
Women with teeth locked like gates
On the names of the dead

They walk in black robes
Inside bodies too small
Carving children from bones
Barely clothed in flesh

Women walk the night
Listening to voices
In boxes with blue-lit screens
A holocaust of pictures flashing
Victims, emissaries of desire

Their arms outstretched
Fingers reaching for things lost
Like fragments of melodies
Garlands of lights blinking

Women walk the night
Prisoners of war, in single file
Marching to the enemy’s camp
To sleep with soldiers
To save their skins

Singing their resistance
Singing their resistance
Singing their resistance
Until their voices
Are finally heard.


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