Wednesday, July 13, 2011


There was a rhythm in the dream
There was a place I lost control
There was a time I went to sleep
a long time ago

There are echoes in my blood
Now I never rest
There's an army of angels
all dressed in red

It's underneath my fingernails
like claws for the fight
A panther who would crack the skin
I wear for you

No more lady of this night
No more step across my back
No more howl into my soul
all the words you cannot say

I'm taking over now.
I don't need you anymore
I don't need you for the dark
to roll me to the dawn

I whispered and I cringed
and I smiled at you too much
You grabbed me by the ribs and said,
"Oh, babe, I like you small "

The panther's at my breast
She's suckled long enough
She is the night you fear in me
She is the sacred scream

It's running up my spine now
This long red thing
from the earth to the sky
from the east to the west

I don't need you to say yes
That it's going to be alright
I don't need you to love this place
where madness reigns

I don't need you to call me
by sexy names
To sit on my throne
and throw me crumbs in bed

It's too late to be nice
and I've come too far
I've climbed the mountain
and I’ve drunk her down

If you kiss me now
you will burn in hell
And you will love the flames
that lick me clean


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