Saturday, February 12, 2011


The world eats pink girls for lunch
cuts them up into heart-shaped
bite-sized pieces
Pink girls are best consumed while still raw
with nerve endings close to the surface
and salted with their own tears

The world ties up pink girls in tight corsets
and lets them breathe just a little
binds their feet, so they walk not too far
cuts out their clits, so they feeL not so much

Pink girls are the soft center of hard candy exposed
their mouths filled with honey promises
sweet, like nothing real

While plump pink cherubs fill the sky with roses
pink girls take moonlight baths in rose water
thinking silk and Victoria's secret, worth dying for

Pink girls are pierced forever too soon
given away by passionate fathers
wed-locked in white
their arms full of vulva pink roses

Pink girls give birth to sadness
cut the cord and pull themselves back together again
piece by jagged jigsaw piece
of love's ragged edges

Pink girls are crazy quilts
stitched together with hope

The life span of pink girls is very short
They must learn to protect themselves,
and are often asphyxiated, or starved to death
trapped within their own armor

Pink girls are nearly extinct

Those who survive are found in regions closest to the sky
where the winds are bitter and the soil rocky
where girls bloom like rare alpine flowers
pink---the color of wishing


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